High volume

High volume photography has many special needs. Special products are used and acute marketing is required to make each event a success. We have specialised in working with high volume clients since the beginning. We are really a boutique agency for volume shooters.

High Volume Photography

High Volume

High volume uploader tool with auto upload or drag and drop simplicity

Handling high volume uploading is a speciality of ours. We compress and watermark images on upload so that you are only uploading small web viewable files. If you use our lab,once an order is placed our tool will request the large file from you and automatically upload it so the order can be fulfilled.

If you self fulfill our unique batch file creator that pulls all the images from your drive and brings them to one place for you to fulfill along with your work order details.

Custom product creation made easy

Our system allows you to sell products that require a consumer to select photos, choose a template, position photos. enter data points and check out. This can be your own product design or one of our Sports posters or team and individual memory mates. It might be a branded border or a logo selection. We have many different options available.

Custom action posters that require cutouts

We even have designers that make your custom cut out art work in the event that you need custom action posters made by our people for you.

Blend your products with our lab fulfillment before, during or after an event

You can turn on or turn off price groups on the fly allowing you to combine our products with yours or to allow certain items to be sold at an event and not sold when it's over. This opens a world of marketing opportunities that can help achieve your sales goals.

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Upload and
sell via tablet,
phone or
stations at
your event

Our latest efforts have been geared around onsite sales tools that promote online sales. These can be at the event with stations or from the client's phone or tablet during or after the event.

Custom search functions based on photo data

Custom search functions that pull or group data from embedded EXIF or file naming details are just a few of the custom features we can help you perfect.

Favorite folder marketing

Capitalize on the ability to market to clients that are tagging/saving photos in albums.

Custom integrations

We have partners that can help with barcode reading, RFID and a variety of other solutions that can pull and push data automating a big part of your operation.

Sell cd's videos or any other item with a variety of programs that facilitate ordering lots of images or self fulfilled video.