In order to be successful online you need the right system and strategies. Our site allows you to create dozens of strategies based on your program and switch them up.

Photo marketing strategiesSelling photos

Photo marketing strategies

Selling images has never been easier and harder in some ways. In today's market you are competing with the iphone, entry level prosumer cameras and an overload of imagery being tossed around.

Creating profits from online sales requires that you identify your price points and your KPI's (Key profit indicators).

Expiring galleries (countdown timer pop up)

We have a strong belief that leaving images up indefinitely creates a sense of ownership of the online images with your clients. They don't need to buy them if they will be there forever. Expiring albums is a great way to create a sense of urgency.

Pop up windows can countdown the days, email reminders can be sent to let them know how many days are left and ultimately you can always extend and event or even bring it back with a click of the button. We have a variety of incredible programs to talk about. Give us a shout we will walk you through it.

Volume Discounts

Set volume discounts and offer deals on larger orders. You decide the amount. Over $50.00 get 10% off or over 75.00 get 20% off. It is completely up to you. Clients love deals and will generally spend more to save money. Our system offers you the flexibility to experiment with promotions that are sure to increase your bottom line.

Email Collection

Nothing is more powerful that your email list when it comes to marketing. Our email collection system allows you to collect emails and market to them within our site or export them for use based on user's preference.

Cash cards

Cash cards are even better than coupons! It's a way of getting real money (sort of) in your client's hand. As always, we look for ways to incentivise spending, so don't give away cash...set some parameters. By requiring a minimum purchase amount, your cash card just got interesting.

Add to that the ability to expire the card all together and you have just put cash value in your client's hands that will vaporize if they don't use it in a given time frame.

And since getting people to your site is more than half the battle. You have one more ace in the hole in your marketing arsenal. Cash cards can be printed as is on your home printer, customized, emailed or even visually advertised. It's a guaranteed way to increase your sales, Give us a call, we'll set you up.

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Discount rules

Hold your price point for one off sales but encourage more spending with discount rules. Creating a discount for volume ordering of a specific product is essential when you are trying to encourage people to order lots of prints or image downloads.

Set multiple discount rules to encourage discounts for 5 or more or 10 or more prints on downloads. This allows you to set discounts to those who want to order many images where your standard one off pricing doesnt make sense.

The time trusted package

Packages are a great way to create one click shopping for a group of items. Our packages have the flexibility to allow single or multi image applications. Naming your packages with unique names is a proven way to encourage sales i.e. The "Ambasssador" or the "VIP".

Automated Email marketing

We have a powerful automated email marketing system that allows you to send emails based on a variety of actions. Changing price group, expiring albums, holiday specials. Use these to create unique marketing funnels for each event that entice users to purchase images.

Early bird specials

The early bird gets the worm :). Setting a discount to your event that's only available for the first few days. You're always going to have those go getters that are ready to pounce on a deal. Setting an early bird special is a great way to capitalize on this. Strike while the iron is hot. While the excitement of your event is still fresh in your client's minds.

Search by EXIF or file data

Our uploader tool has the ability to read your exif data as well as your basic file name. If you embed information in your images by tagging them or rename image file names we can create custom search programs for your clients.

We can create unique passwords and graphical representations that can be marketed to in unique ways. The possibilities of capitalizing on this are endless and profitable. We have clients collecting biometrics with RFID and others that read info from barcodes. We work in conjunction with many systems that benefit high volume shooters. Talk to us, we can help you tailor a program for your park, venue or high volume event.

Pre sale purchase

Sponsored events, specialty pricing, upfront discounts and vip packages are all good examples of pre sale opportunities. We have a variety of ways to help you achieve these with a physical product or a pre sale page that gets your event started with up front money.

Client favorite marketing

Having clients favourite images provides a unique marketing opportunity. Reaching out to those who show interest is a great way to drive sales

Client photo preview in email

If you have data in your photo we can build a link file after upload that matches that data with the image link. This makes it possible to embed that image in a unique email being sent to your clients.

This is a powerful way to send your sales through the roof. See it, order it, move on. Make it easy and your sales will have steep.

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