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Site Update - Improved photo viewing on mobile devices for event photographers

Febuary 14th, 2023
improved responsive photo e-commerce site

Our latest update has been focused on more efficient image viewing on mobile devices, the cart and the favorites folder. Some of the major changes include:

  • A larger photo view on a phone
  • Overall improved views on small displays
  • A floating heart and cart view
  • Improved menu buttons that don't cover the image
  • Improved file name and photo number visual integration on the image
  • Optimized photo viewing based on screen size
  • Improved favorites buttons

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Custom event specific welcome note (create unique marketing incentives)

October 25, 2020
Welcome email

If you are using our event email login feature, and we certainly recommend you do… you are already building an email list and foundation to market your galleries. Aside from any marketing automation emails you have set to the email collection feature, we automaticly send an initial email to the registering user. That email includes a link to your gallery and details of any current promotions you are running. The new Welcome note feature makes is possible to add a custom note to that initial email.

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QR Code Generator (Provide no touch Links to online galleries)

October 12, 2020
Photo QR code uses

Online galleries are the perfect no touch environment for clients that are being cautious due to Covid concerns and still want to order photos. Getting images online quickly is easy with our auto upload tool when on location. Getting clients to find those galleries with the quick scan of a QR Code is an elegant Covid friendly solution.

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New Copyright Notice and acceptance Feature

October 25, 2020
Photo Copyright Notice

We have a new feature that enables you to create a custom copyright notice that is shown to clients before entering your gallery. Clients can be prompted to accept the terms in order to view your gallery. Image theft may seem innocent to some clients so this notice eliminates any confusion. We think it is a good practice to let people know that your living depends on their purchases and there are laws that govern copyright theft.

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Lab Alternative – US Gov Grants to keep you rolling

April 8th, 2020
Printing options

I wanted to do a quick follow up during this difficult time and provide some links to small business stimulus options. I have also posted my email from March 23rd below in case it was missed. Things are pretty crazy right now, but It is important to stay abreast of government programs and assistance that may be available to you. Its also important to maintain your website and be responsive to clients needs. We will get through this and how we conduct ourselves at this time may play a powerful role on how our clients interact with us in the future.

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Corona virus update – An important message to our high valued clients

March 23rd, 2020
Covid 19

An important message to our high valued clients, The Corona virus is creating a new reality for all of us very quickly. We have just been informed that our third party core lab is closed as of today until April 3rd and possibly longer. We have options. Many of you already use our self fulfill platform and alternatively a full digital program can be put in place. If you are using our partner lab, we urge you to implement a temporary new price group for digital and self fulfill products only. The world is going more digital and we already have many clients who have been successfully running pure digital delivery models.

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High Volume Photography - Multi Image Photo ordering and Delivery Options

Jan 21st, 2020
Photo Copyright Notice

Image downloads have become increasingly popular

Many clients no longer need or want physical prints. Many of you already use our image download features but the cost of bulk image downloads can get a bit expensive. As such you may be self fulfilling image downloads which of course can be a bit tedious and very time consuming. But we get it…. And we created a middle ground solution.

Introducing flat rate multi image downloads

You can now have a variety of options when offering your clients a multi image download and have all the images delivered under your normal commission structure with a single additional flat rate of $2.99.
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