Site Update - Improved photo viewing on mobile devices for event photographers

February 14th, 2023
Site Update - Improved photo viewing on mobile devices for event photographers

We have been monitoring the changes in phone use as it pertains to ordering photos online and there have been some significant increases in mobile ordering online. Our site has been mobile friendly for a long time but we wanted to bump up some of the functionality for mobile users.

Review your personal customers browser statistics

Photography is a niche business and amazingly within the niche of high volume photography there are many different clientele. That is why we have given you a feature that allows you to view the mobile usage stats on your site that show your website's personal ordering statistics by browser.  

Simply go to: “Reporting/Browser info” in the back end blue menu bar to review your personal statistics. 

You can see a breakdown of each type of device being used to order photos from your website. The statistics are based on actual orders not viewing. 

"Globally since 11/28/2022 when we implemented this monitoring we see that 50.47% have ordered via iPhone and 7.09% via Android. So 57.56% of all orders have come from mobile phones. Obviously a very significant number."

Browser stats

As a high volume event photography business its critical to have efficient mobile functionality for photo buyers

Our latest update has been focused on more efficient image viewing on mobile devices, the cart and the favorites folder. Some of the major changes include:

  • A larger photo view on a phone
  • Overall improved views on small displays
  • A floating heart and cart view
  • Improved menu buttons that don't cover the image
  • Improved file name and photo number visual integration on the image
  • Optimized photo viewing based on screen size
  • Improved favorites buttons

You can see some of the changes as they appear on an iPhone here. Wider full view image, scrolling arrows over the image, floating favorites and cart buttons with counters and improved buttons below the image:

iPhone photo website view

Here you can see a computer view and the favorite heart with the + sign that goes solid color when pushed. We also have an add all to favorites in the bottom bar:

Responsive photo website

Hope you enjoy the changes. As always we hope to hear from you with your input so we can continue to improve and make our service the best it can be for your event photography needs.

Ilan Artzi

Ilan Artzi

PhotoEventplus - President

Dedicated Father of Three, Devoted Husband, Avid Windsurfer, Passionate Photographer, and Seasoned E-commerce Marketing Veteran. Born and raised in Montreal and now based in the picturesque island of Maui with operations in Canada and the US mainland.

While at the helm of a thriving marketing agency, I recognized an untapped opportunity in the ever-evolving world of photography. My vision was to offer a comprehensive business solution tailor-made for high-volume photographers. With a dynamic development team by my side, I've always thrived on crafting efficient sales and marketing tools. Our mission is to empower photographers to not only flourish as artists but also thrive as successful entrepreneurs.