Corona virus update – An important message to our high valued clients

March 23rd, 2020
Corona virus update – An important message to our high valued clients

An important message to our high valued clients, The Corona virus is creating a new reality for all of us very quickly.

We have just been informed that our third party core lab is closed as of today until April 3rd and possibly longer.

We have options. Many of you already use our self fulfill platform and alternatively a full digital program can be put in place.

If you are using our partner lab, we urge you to implement a temporary new price group for digital and self fulfill products only. The world is going more digital and we already have many clients who have been successfully running pure digital delivery models.

Our core team has been working remotely together for over 15 years now and are available to assist you. If you want to discuss mailer strategies or need help implementing the digital pricing, please reach out to us. Clearly events are mostly shut down now but digital buying is still happening and some of our clients have already started doing marketing mailers and are seeing orders come in.

Going forward our thoughts are on putting together plans to help us come back stronger to help make up for lost gains. Many of you will likely have time to work on marketing concepts that may include how to bring in new business, how to maximize on current business and how to improve over all. Improving marketing and promotion services to allow for a market edge when the time comes. We like to hope it will be weeks ahead, but months are seeming more likely.

We have an entirely new email platform in development that will allow an amazing amount of power to our users. Feel free to reach out directly to me with this email and we can schedule a call if you would like to help in development. I am happy to discuss ideas you have and how we can maintain a competitive advantage when things come back to normal.

In the meantime stay safe. Stay positive and stay hopeful for a speedy recovery for all.

Ilan Artzi

Ilan Artzi

PhotoEventplus - President

Dedicated Father of Three, Devoted Husband, Avid Windsurfer, Passionate Photographer, and Seasoned E-commerce Marketing Veteran. Born and raised in Montreal and now based in the picturesque island of Maui with operations in Canada and the US mainland.

While at the helm of a thriving marketing agency, I recognized an untapped opportunity in the ever-evolving world of photography. My vision was to offer a comprehensive business solution tailor-made for high-volume photographers. With a dynamic development team by my side, I've always thrived on crafting efficient sales and marketing tools. Our mission is to empower photographers to not only flourish as artists but also thrive as successful entrepreneurs.