High Volume Photography - Multi Image Photo ordering and Delivery Options

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Image downloads have become increasingly popular. Many clients no longer need or want physical prints. Many of you already use our image download features but the cost of bulk image downloads can get a bit expensive. As such you may be self fulfilling image downloads which of course can be a bit tedious and very time consuming. But we get it…. And we created a middle ground solution.

Introducing flat rate multi image downloads

You can now have a variety of options when offering your clients a multi image download and have all the images delivered under your normal commission structure with a single additional flat rate of $2.99.

By default there is a Multi-image Download option in the price groups you can simply click to activate… It maxes out at 25 photos though. For added power and control over the Multi-image Download you're going to want to set up a product in the self fulfillment section of the site. Dont worry, you can activate (PEP) Photoeventplus delivery service so that we handle the cloud based download directly to your clients.

Multi Image Download interface

Customizations you can apply to the multi image digital sale and delivery service:
• You can limit the amount of images in the multi image product
• You can set a base price and additional markup for your clients based on a percentage of the base price
• You can set a max image size to the download or have us deliver full size images
• Our delivery allows users to download each photo individually or all at once in a zip file
• Create more than one multi image product so you can have a flat rate pricing for set amounts of photos

If you have used our self fulfillment options before you know we have a lot of customizations and setting up the products requires some training. We are here to help you. The more power we add, the more in depth some features become to activate.

In order to take full advantage of all the customizations in Multi Image Downloads you will need to go to the self fulfillment section and set up a product line. Then you add one or many products to that product line.
Multi Image Download interface

Name the product line and add a description. In this example we caled it "Multi Image Download". You can add some shipping details that will be included on your clients invoice like delivery timing or separate shipping in case they have other items in their order. You can also add a photo in the product line.

Once the product line is set up you can add a product and all the customizations you might want to apply. Go to "Add Product" in left menu and the select your product line. Set your Max and Min amount of photos allowed. If you want to you can have a base price for the product and charge additional percentage of your base price for additional photos added. You want to make sure to tick off the "Download delivered by PEP" PEP stands for (Photo-Event-Plus) radio button and set the image size you want on delivery. If you leave this filed blank we will deliver full size images.

Multi Image Download interface Thats pretty much it. Multi image downloads allow clients a package price to multiple image orders and are a lot easier to deal with than cd's or thumb drives. We hope you like the feature and welcome any comments you have for us or improvements that can be applied int he future.

Ilan Artzi
Photoeventplus – President